Symbolic Computing for Dynamic Geometry SCDG 2011

Technical Session at ICCSA 2011 on

Symbolic Computing for Dynamic Geometry, SCDG 2011

University of Cantabria, Santander, Spain, 20-23 June 2011


Call for Papers

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Accepted Papers

Equal bisectors at a vertex of a triangle , R. Losada, T. Recio and J.L. Valcarce

On the Parametric Representation of Dynamic Geometry Constructions , F. Botana

Using Free Open Source Software for Intelligent Geometric Computing , M. A. Abánades, F. Botana, J. Escribano and J. L. Valcarce

A Coq-based Library for Interactive and Automated Theorem Proving in Plane Geometry , T.-M. Pham, Y. Bertot and J. Narboux

Teaching geometry with TutorMates , M. J. González, J. Rubio, T. Recio, L. González-Vega and A. Pascual

On Equivalence of Conditions for a Quadrilateral to Be Cyclic , P. Pech